Briar Rose #3 Blog instructions

To the right of the page, there is a tab for Briar Rose #3. This is where your discussion must take place to be scored.

In this blog session, I am going hoping for an open forum of discussion. Four posts or replies are necessary to obtain a good score. Those four posts must be thoughtful. show insight into the novel, and be well-constructed. This is new, but let’s give it a try and see how it goes. Happy blogging!!! 🙂



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4 responses to “Briar Rose #3 Blog instructions

  1. Noah Dotson

    Did anyone else notice that every time it flashes back in time to when Becca was younger that we learn a little bit more about Becca every time?

    • Move your post to the other site, Noah. Briar Rose #3 Blog to the right!

    • Zeb Burton

      Yeah really do learn more about her and what her grandmothers and her relationship was like. Every flash back seems like they get closer no matter what happened. Just like the flashback in chapter 19 where Becca had an accident and Gemma took care of her with no problem and holding her tight.

    • Taryn

      Yeah whenever it flashes back, you can definitely tell that Becca is way more interested than the other girls. And did you notice everytime it flashes back its like Gemma is telling another story. Also, you can see Gemma is almost craxy about the story. When Becca’s friends don’t agree with the story she turns crazy.

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