A New Year

I can’t believe it is a new year beginning. It seems we just shut the door on the last one and here we are returning. Where does the time go? I spent the summer thoroughly enjoying my backyard, my family and vacationing a little also. In June, we went to the Outer Banks with my husband’s family. We rented a giant house that was beachfront and had a wonderful time! In July, we went and visited our son, Ian in Chicago. He lives in a suburb there where he is getting his master’s degree in Leadership Studies. He is a graduate assistant coach to the mens’ basketball team at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. He has one more year to complete his studies and his coaching commitment. His team went to Italy this summer, so he was able to take a trip to Italy for free. Mr. Seidel and I traveled to Switzerland in August. What an amazing trip that was. My husband was sent by his company to Switzerland to test a new machine they will be bringing to Willard to the Pepperidge Farm plant. I went along for a vacation. I met the most wonderful people and truly enjoyed Switzerland and all that it has to offer.

Having enjoyed my summer, it is time to get back to work and get back to doing what I love, teaching all of you. I hope you are ready, or as ready as you can be following a great summer vacation. We will all ease back into together. Did I say ease? Well, that’s not counting that paper that is due in a week! 🙂 Hope you are all well-rested and ready to dig in. We have a lot to accomplish in a small amount of time. Seniors, while your senior year looms ahead and seems like it will never end, it will go so quickly. Don’t put off to tomorrow what you should be doing today because there will surely be more work tomorrow! Get those project  hours going if you haven’t done so already! Sophomores, the OGT will be here before we know it and we need to get ready for that. We had some excellent scores last year and I am challenging you to do even better!

So lets pull up our bootstraps and get ready to accomplish great things that will leave you all with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Here’s to the new year!


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