Paperless Classroom

A paperless classroom would change my world! I have a stack of papers that I need to grade this weekend. I am preparing sophomores for the OGT tests (Ohio Graduation Tests – our standardized test they must pass in order to graduate). These tests are still paper/pencil tests until the year 2015. Therefore, it is imperative to prepare the students using paper/pencil practices. I prepare the students for two tests, reading and writing. I would love to have online practices that would be useful and meaningful to them, but that shift can’t take place for another two years. I think paperless classrooms would change learning to be more of a real-world experience. As a professional, there is almost no paperwork that crosses my desk. Everything is done through online communication. I order my supplies online, communicate with the office online, receive attendance online, read my evaluations online. Pencil/paper in the adult world is a thing of the past. I think we would save a few thousands trees a month as well. I do a lot of things now that are paperless and I measure those by using rubrics designed and given to the students in advance. That is probably how I would grade most things. I also have them do self-assessments, in which they are incredibly honest as well as peer assessments. A paperless classroom would make it much easier to build a network of learning. I have noticed an incredible change in my classroom and in the student performance because they can now see what others are doing and learning in the classroom. A classroom that uses paper/pencil doesn’t allow for students to see their peers’ work and thoughts. I hear them having discussions about their responses in my classroom often. That’s exciting! That is what learning should be.


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