Big Shift – The Social, Collaborative Construction of Meaningful Knowledge.

I used to have my kids work in groups on projects. They would pull their desks together and produce some sort of product using poster board and construction paper. With the collaboration tools of the web, I can now have those students working in groups without the constraints of the classroom. They can work collaboratively through Google Docs and create something they can both be proud of while constructing meaningful knowledge. In the future, I intend to build a wiki for my classes so that there can be more collaboration and sharing of knowledge taking place in my classroom. My views have changed since starting this class. I was convinced that I should only use one type of social media for collaboration. I have found that my students love the variety of using my blog for discussion and using a social networking site like Edmodo. It seems to keep things fresh and exciting for them. As I said, I intend to create a wikispace for my classroom. I also intend to make my lessons more meaningful. Through the different RSS feeds, I have discovered a lot of lessons and ideas from other teachers that I intend to implement into my own lessons and classroom practices.



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2 responses to “Big Shift – The Social, Collaborative Construction of Meaningful Knowledge.

  1. I also wrote about big shifts! I agree that it is nice being able to have students work collaboratively online instead of in the classroom. I have such a small classroom so this works out well! I can’t wait to have access all the time to computers so that I can start using Edmodo, too:)

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