Podcast in the Classroom

I would use a podcast for  To Kill a Mockingbird. It features background on the author, Harper Lee, an interview with the actress who plays Scout in the screenplay, an interview with a biographer of Harper Lee and an interview with an expert on the screenplay. I would use this pre-reading and post viewing of the film. Because the novel is so biographical of the author, I would play the part about Harper Lee prior to reading. I would then play the parts connected to the film after viewing the film.

I would use this podcast in my classroom because I think To Kill a Mockingbird is a pivotal coming-of-age novel. This novel always greatly affects my students. They love the film, even though it is black and white. I think the realism of the podcast brought together with the film would be very compelling for them.

After listening to the podcast, I would provide a list of questions on my blog to which they would be asked to respond. The questions would tie the novel, film and podcast together.

To Kill A Mockingbird | With Good Reason Radio


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