Using Social Bookmarking with My Classes!

I would use social bookmarking with my English 12 classes. My seniors have to write several research papers in preparation for a final research paper that is part of a graduation requirement within a senior project. In the past, my students have bookmarked their sources, articles and links to a single computer, making it difficult for them to work at various sites. With social bookmarking sites, they are now able to take their bookmarks for their research wherever they go. In the past, I  have had several help sites and links that I would email or post to a site where they could access those links. With social bookmarking, I can share those sites to our class account and they will have help with several things such as writing styles, like MLA, punctuation of titles, steps to writing an outline, research paper writing and citing sources. Everything they will need to be successful is in one location and that location exists wherever they are. To implement this lesson, students will create an account, subscribe to my class account and begin bookmarking their research. Once the bookmarking is complete, they will create an outline and begin writing their papers. I will assess their social bookmarking sites, looking for an adequate amount of sources and highlights from the sources to use as quotes in their papers. I will also be assessing their outlines, final papers and their works cited pages. I have no doubt that social bookmarking will make my students more successful and teaches them a valuable tool to use in college.


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