Using RSS Feeds to enhance learning

I started looking for RSS Feeds to subscribe to and found so many amazing things. I have decided to discuss enhancing my own learning in this blog. I feel like I am working very hard at re-creating the wheel in my job after looking for feeds to subscribe to. I found so many sources and blogs for integrating technology into lessons. One particular blog was specifically geared toward using technology to teach high school English. I didn’t get to read them all, but I intend to spend several hours discovering this pot of gold. This blogger had very exciting ways to integrate technology in the classroom. I also found an educational site with a url to subscribe to that was specifically for teaching English using technology. I keep discussing how the teachers in my building don’t have the professional development for integrating technology into their classrooms. I’ve decided that for a gift for each of them, I am going to explore the core fields and send them blogs and sites they can use. I may even offer a short tutorial on how to set up a Google reader and subscribe to the feeds. I am going to continue to learn more first though!


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  1. I like how you mention you are going to continue to learn more first. I feel I need to continue to do the same. I like trying to use the RSS feed to search for blogs but it is at times difficult for me to find useful information. I don’t feel I could present this to my students just yet. I have found some helpful and useful blogs for my own personal learning, which thus far have played out nicely. I have been searching for ideas and uses of behavioral plans in school. I like the idea you presented of sharing blogs with your collegues. Many times they do not know where to start so instead of trying just ignore the idea, I have found I am guilty of that myself, but currently trying to change that by completing this course. Giving them blogs would be a nice way to get them interested in learning.

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